The bustling streets of Kanpur are filled with numerous shopping destinations. This city is particularly famous for its leather products, handicrafts, fashion accessories, garments and jewellery.

The bazaar palate

Naveen market

Naveen Market. (File Picture)

Naveen Market, also known as Khazana Mart is one of the leading marketplaces in Kanpur. Situated in the North of the Central region in Kanpur, this market is not only known for its range of garments, leather, jewellery and perfumes but is also one of the most high-end markets in this city.

Apart from garments, leather and jewellery, Naveen Market is also famous for handicrafts and cotton goods. One can observe that the shops at this market are quite similar looking, are of the same colour and are situated in old or colonial buildings. The famous landmarks -The Landmark Hotel and Som Dutt Plaza are located very close to this attraction, making it easy to spot. Another market called PPN Market is right adjacent to Naveen Market, making it easier for visitors to glance through the shops here. Whether you are looking for something to shop or just window-shopping, this is the place to be.


Shivala Market. (File Picture)

The Shivala Market is one of the biggest wholesale markets in the city. Located on Shiwala Road as it is mostly called, is a large area that hosts hundreds of stalls selling everything under the sun from clothes to shoes, to books, to some of City’s famous and scrumptious street food. The starting price for anything here is ₹10, which is a perfect steal.
While the ground is open all days of the week, each shop and stall has its own opening and closing times.

This market is also tittles as the Lehenga Market of Kanpur.


Gumti Number 5 . (File Picture)

Gumti market also known as kaushalpuri and darshanpurva is one of the most active markets of the town. As Canada is the mini Punjab of the world, our Kanpur has gumti as it’s Mini Punjab and the entire market encourages the Sikh community. The prompt highlight of Gumti Market is that it has the best cloth for turbans and is also supplied to many of the cities of the country. This market has focused on everything that includes clothing, households, Footwear, street food and every that’s needed.

Sisamau Market ( OLDEST MARKET)

Sisamau Bazar ( File Picture )

Sisamau Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in Kanpur. The streets of this market remain congested with people. There are hundreds of vendors trying to sell their products. It is the ideal location to shop for all the household needs. This shopping extravaganza is most popular for its apparels, especially sarees. We can also shop for utensils and other essentials. It is guaranteed that you will receive the proper value for your money. The crowded streets pose a challenge sometimes but bargaining is the domain here so that makes it lit to you.


Govind Nagar Market . (File Picture )

Govind Nagar Market is well famous as it is the hub of furniture trade in our city. This market has showrooms for all standards- starting from the lowest range of collection to the highest.
Govind Nagar was once the largest Vidhan Sabha constituency in Asia until Kidwai Nagar Vidhan Sabha constituency was formed. It is surrounded by Fazalganj and Pratapganj in the north, Dada Nagar in the west, Bakarganj and Kidwai Nagar in the east, barra, Juhi and Tulsi Vihar in the south.

Swaroop Nagar ( CLUBBING)

Swaroop Nagar.

Swaroop Nagar market is more likely to be the most happening locality of our city. It is that one-stop for all ages to feel the growing vibes of our city. Swaroop Nagar is the clubbing trend of Kānpur which has shown a visible change in the last few years and is now also introducing the safest night lives.


Birhana Road (File Picture)

Birhana Road market is an essential commercial street in our city. It is the centre of jewellery trade and has the largest community of jewellers. This market drops down to the customisation of the jewellery as the customer desires and this makes Birhana road stand unique in jewellery trades. The second highlight of this market is the delicious street food like Feather butter, chaat, kachoris and what not in the nominal rates.

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