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Every instagram artist, be it a photographer or a Make-Up Artist, has this one message that hits him once every few days, “Are you up for a collaboration?” I’ve personally received hundreds of them. 

  • What is a collaboration, is it paid or unpaid?
  • Why are people so interested to get into collaborations?
  • Do people fear to ask others for collaborations? 
  • Thinking why your collaboration requests aren’t accepted?
  • Where to ask for unpaid collaborations ?

(The Artist-to-Artist Chart)

  • 4 tips to break though those collaboration  requests.

Blog Tip #1: Build up a good sense of humour.

Get a situation, make a meme out of it, share the meme!

(Here’s a secret, don’t tell anyone)  Memes teach a lot.

I have a meme associated with every event in my life, one for this blog as well:

Feels like: Wo Instagram ki raaho mai kya kamala karti thi, “Up for a collaboration?”likhti thi message box mai and send to all karti thi.

What is collaboration – is it paid or unpaid?

Collaboration means, as the google defines it, “The action of working with someone to produce something”. There is nothing written about it being paid or unpaid. It is your responsibility to specify what kind of collaboration are you reaching out for.!!

Blog tip #2: Mention the payment thing clearly when you approach someone for collaboration.

Why is this collaboration thing so damn famous?

Instagram, that started as a photo – editing application, (information by confirmed sources),  which now acts as a medium to connect to people worldwide, and even the very beautiful girl living 2 houses next of you (lest you find her instagram ID and she responds to you DM), is currently being used as a platform to generate commercial reach to people. The trends, we see people working with brands, watching the influencers wearing branded clothing, expensive make-up and being shot by the city’s finest photographers.

Well the influencers who did so have reached their purpose, you’re influenced to do something like them, but somewhere you’re short of something, maybe confidence, maybe finances, maybe communication and all you end up texting all those artists and brands  a very pity question, “Are you up for a collaboration?”

!!  ..  I respect that consistency  ..  !!

Are people afraid to ask about collaborations?

Yes of course.! There is creativity rushing in the brains of so many people out there and all they’re restricted is by hesitation. 

People fear rejections.

Let me tell you a secret, there are a lot of artists out there, with same and different level of creative thinking. Give it a try, maybe the other guy, the one you’re afraid to reach, needs someone like you to text them at that very moment.

Everyone whom you’re looking up to now, was once at your level, looking up to someone to lend him a hand. He knows the feeling of being rejected and thus knows how to be assertive.

So next time, you have a concept to work on, go reach out to the artists, whose work you love and create a boom on Instagram.

Thinking why your collaboration requests aren’t accepted?

Firstly, from a brand’s perspective, they’re here to make money in the market. They will accept your offer of collaborations, only when they see monetory profits in the same.

As an artist, they’re here to create some new content, based on different concepts and their execution. If they find your concept proposal productive, they’ll accept your request, else would suggest you something different, based on their requirements.

BlogTip #3: Whenever you approach an artist, go with a concept and whenever you approach a brand, create a write-up to let them know how you can be profitable to their brand financially.

Artist to Artist Collaboration Chart:


Blog Tip #4: 

  • Spot yourself on this chart.
  • You can offer unpaid collaboration to anyone on your equivalent tier or the bottom tier. 
  • When you offer anyone on the tier above, get ready to pay their prices

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